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Our vision is to create an autonomous navigation system to negate human risk and assist humans in other activities. We are looking forward to applying this technology to real-life problems and solve them. Having tasted success in competitions across the globe, we are hoping to achieve greater heights by working on Autonomous vehicles of larger scale. The team will strive and move forwards towards its vision of creating autonomous

systems that help solve many real-life problems. 

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Sathyan Subbiah

Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Madras


Our team

Profile Pic - A M S Arun Krishna ee19b001.jpeg

Arun Krishna

Team Head 

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Adil Mohammed 

Electronics Lead

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20200420_164456-01 - Suraj Surendra Rathi me19b177.jpeg

Suraj Rathi

Team Head 

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IMG20211024170511_2 - Bhandari Aneesh Manoj ed20b012.jpg

Aneesh Bhandari

Mechanical Lead

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0B781AEB-AFC5-4C8C-B01A-3632653FCC95 - Sudharsan S ed20b064.jpeg

Sudharsan Raja

Team Head 

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20210625_194259  - Suneet Sreeram Swamy ep19b033.jpg

Suneet S

Software Lead

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Business & DESIGN

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