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Team Abhiyaan acts as an ambassador for your brand at competitions such as IGVC, which is an international competition co-hosted by the US Army and involving different teams from various universities across the globe and the Indy Autonomous Challenge(IAC), high-speed autonomous vehicle race at the world-famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway, with international media coverage and branding. Further, IIT Madras is rated as the best technical institution of India and we network with the best academicians and industry stalwarts. Association with us is a great opportunity for you to reach out to the best brains and make your presence felt at a global level through myriads of media coverage and public outreach initiated by the institute in connection with Team Abhiyaan's achievements in popular national dailies, television channels, magazines, and social media. Also, Team Abhiyaan acts as an ambassador of your brand at all other competitions, exhibitions, Shaastra (India's only ISO certified student-run tech fest) and other fests.




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Your support helps us push the boundaries of autonomous navigation and develop technologies to tackle real life problems. We take utmost importance to present your brand in the International Arenas


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