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Bolt is an autonomous electric vehicle with control for a dynamic environment. It will be fused with Drive-by-wire systems for software and mechanical control of Throttle, Brake and Steer. Bolt is planned to be developed for urban environments where complex situations for decision making arise. Powered by cameras, Computer Vision-based classification of traffic signals, lanes and traffic signs will condition the output control along with input from perception sensors. Bolt is in its initial stages of development and procurement. This autonomous vehicle will be presented in the self drive challenge of IGVC and will be the face of our sponsors in the event.


It is our current version of autonomous navigation ground robot with all the capabilities of Kernel 2.0 but with enhanced controller & planning algorithms and sensor fusion systems. Virat also has an Inter Operability Feature with JAUS. Virat was presented at IGVC 2019, the year in which we were placed 2nd globally


MaCRo (Martian Autonomous Core-Sampling Rover) is a project undertaken in collaboration with IIT Madras' ExTeM (Extraterrestrial manufacturing). We are building a completely autonomous and specialised  Mars rover. It is designed to climb Olympus Mons, the tallest mountain in the solar system. The main objective of MaCRo is to drill up to a depth of 1 ft. and evaluate the core samples from the rock to know more about the possibility of life and water. We are currently in the designing and  prototyping stage.

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